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Window Clippings is an excellent screen capture utility
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Window Clippings is an excellent screen capture utility for you to create high-quality, realistic screenshots. It comes with a wide range of options and features that will allow you to capture the whole screen, a selectable portion of it, the active window, the windows of all active applications, and the window of your choice.

You can easily define which elements – other than the window or section selected - will be included with your screenshot. This means that you can tell the program to include or leave out the window shadow, the mouse pointer or the background. You can also set up the necessary actions required to take a snapshot of your screen or the object(s) selected – thus, you can set a specific delay to help you prepare your selection more accurately, set the Print Screen key as the one that will start the screen capture, or combine this key with the Control and/or Shift keys.

Window Clipping’s possibilities are nearly endless. Using the right combination of keys and your mouse, you will be able to select the active windows of your choice and save them in one single screenshot, draw a rectangle with your mouse to select a specific portion of your desktop, or draw any other shape using its freehand capabilities, or capture more elusive elements like the jump list of any running application. Whatever your capture needs may be, Windows Clippings will always be up to the task, offering you ways of taking high-quality snapshots of your computer activity.

The current version 3.0, however, supports Windows Vista and Seven only. If you are still on XP, you will have to go back to the previous 2.1 version, and lose some of its cute visual effects on the way.

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  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Offers you multiple screen capture options and possibilities
  • Allows you to combine your screenshots with attractive visual effects


  • The newest version is not available for Windows XP
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